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Marketing Research of the Structure of the Total Cost of Ownership to Optimize the Choice of Machines

V.S. Antipenko, doctor of technical sciences, professor, Russian University of transport (MIIT); Moscow
Yu.N. Kharitonov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor of Russian University of transport (MIIT); Moscow
N.S. Nikolaeva, junior researcher, Bauman Moscow State Technical University; Moscow
For the optimal choice of metal-cutting equipment for the production of parts of various industries, in particular metal-cutting machines, various studies, including marketing, are required. Improving the quality of manufactured products is achieved by creating and selecting size ranges (ranges) of metal-cutting equipment that fully satisfy current and future consumer demands. The total cost of ownership to optimize the selection of metal cutting equipment is an element of marketing research. Optimizing your total cost of ownership will help you make the right decision when purchasing equipment.
Keywords: quality, total cost of ownership, marketing, optimization, size range, metal-cutting equipment.
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DOI: 10.34214/2312-5209-2020-25-1-82-86

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