Journal "Quality and life"

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The journal is founded by The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation jointly the Interregional public organization "Academy of quality problems", setting before the purpose to consolidate scientific, engineering and production capacities of the country to the direction of the solution of actual problems of quality of life as a purpose of development of the Russian society.

The journal aims to become a popular tool for promoting quality ideas and effectively communicating the results of fundamental and theoretical research, conclusions of experimental and implementation work in the field of quality to managers of various levels, scientists and specialists, thereby contributing to the rapid use of science and technology in practice.

The journal's category is designed for the subject of materials in a wide range of issues, such as standardization and quality management of products, production organization, mechanical engineering and machine science, design and operation of transport, etc.

Followers of the journal – scientists, heads and experts from:

  • State Government
  • Centers of standardization and metrology
  • Offices of Academy of quality problems
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Research institutes
  • Enterprises and organizations.