Improving the Quality of After-Sales Service is a Strategic Direction for the Development of the Domestic Helicopter Industry

Improving the Quality of After-Sales Service is a Strategic Direction for the Development of the Domestic Helicopter Industry

A.I. Resinets, candidate of military sciences, associate professor of the Department «Helicopter Design» of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University); Moscow

V.S. Kolmakov, leading specialist in contract support at Ulan-Ude aviation plant; Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude

The article analyzes the existing helicopter fleet in the Russian Federation. Ways to improve the quality of after-sales service of aviation equipment newly developed and in operation, with the aim of making it competitive in the world market, are considered.
Keywords: airworthiness, efficiency, certification, Air code, Federal aviation regulations, aviation complex, helicopter, integrated service system, aircraft.
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DOI: 10.34214/2312-5209-2019-22-2-98-105

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