"Quality and Life" № 4(4) 2014

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The Quality in the Regions of Russia, the Udmurt Republic

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Work results of the Udmurt Quality Forum

V.S. Klekovkin, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Quality Management of Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Executive Director of the Udmurt Regional Division of the Academy of Quality Problems of the Russian Federation; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: decanat_uk@istu.ru

A.F. Yurkov, Vice-President of the Udmurt Regional Division of the Academy of Quality Problems of the Russian Federation, Chief Engineer of OJSC «IRZ»; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

The work results of the Udmurt Quality Forum are discussed in this paper.
On May 29 Izhevsk Radio Plant (IRZ) hosted the participants of the Republican Conference on Quality. Among the initiators of the Conference were: the Government of the Udmurt Republic, Industrial-Economic Association «Razvitie», Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Udmurt Regional Division of the Academy of Quality Problems, Federal Budgetary Institution «Udmurt CSM» and OJSC «IRZ».
Several target presentations were made at the Conference, the results of the work of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic in the field of quality were discussed and new directions to improve quality management were planned.

Keywords: quality management, competitiveness of enterprises, corporate management, international standard IRIS.

We work for the future

S.P. Shteinikov, Director General of CJSC «Innovation technologies plant (IOMZ)»; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: office@iomz.ru

CJSC «Innovation technologies plant (Izhevsky opytno-mekhanichesky zavod IOMZ)» succeeded in the project start-up «Manufacture of casing tubes of structural and corrosion-resistant steel grades for electrical submersible pumps (ESP)». The planned output is expected to be fulfilled in 2014. Implementation of the project strengthens the status of the enterprise as one of the leaders among industrial enterprises of the republic in the field of development and industrial implementation of highly innovative products.

Keywords: casing tube, innovation, advanced technologies, investment program.

System of Compound Feed Quality and Safety Assurance

Yu. V. Shvalev, Vice-President of «Komos-Group» Ltd., Business manager of «Glazov Compound Feed Company» Ltd.; Udmurt Repub­lic, Glazov,
e-mail: office@kombi-korm.ru

The current situation in the world-wide animal farming requires the increased attention to safety of compound feed products, especially at the stage of young-stock breeding. High-quality compound feed with retained nutritional and biologically active components is known to produce a positive effect not only on live-stock population but also on its reproductive ability. In order to obtain such a feed, it is necessary to meet both international requirement to its safety and requirements to organizations participating in the feed production chain with compound feed processing plants included. The practice of keeping veterinary and sanitary rules and the developed program of production control to provide the output of high-quality and safe products are completely estimated when adding the enterprise to the Register of companies of the Customs Union and when certifying in accordance with the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Keywords: animal farming, compound feed, Customs Union, HACCP.

The Quality of Education of Kalashnikov ISTU

B.A. Yakimovich, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, rector of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

V.A. Tsapok, head of monitoring and quality audit of Kalashni­kov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: cko@istu.ru

The development of a market economy in Russia, reforms in higher education, increased competition in the Russian market of educational services in connection with access to overseas universities and strengthen the position of private educational institutions at the forefront issues of change management and the creation of quality management systems in education. This article outlines the position and experience of Kalashnikov ISTU in the development of the quality management system of education.

Keywords: quality, quality management, change, principle, co­operation, student, military-industrial complex.

Some results of an external evalyuation of educational programs of heat-technical faculty of FPBEI of HE «Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical Universary (ISTU)»

V.N. Didenko, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, Dean of Faculty of Polytechnology of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: ttech@istu.ru

Following the results of the external evaluatie educational programs thermal engineering Department of FSBEI HPE «of mechanical engineering Department ISTU them. Mchilachava»: national and international accreditation, implementation of the project «double diplomas» unique binacionales program.

Keywords: evaluate, international accreditation, binationally educational program, an integrated curriculum, «double diplomas».

New horizons of the university branch

A.V. Repko, DSc in Engineering, Director of Votkinsk branch of Kalashnikov ISTU (ISTU VB), Chair of Academic Council of ISTU VB; Udmurt Republic, Votkinsk,
e-mail: vfistu@udm.net

Reorganization of all levels of education in Russia still causes hot disputes. One of the main reasons here is the essence of destroying the system which has been proving for decades the superiority of the Russian education pattern all over the world. However, life does not stand still and modernization of education is the logic follow-up of social changes. The society changes and its institutions change with it. The other question is that no changes are made smoothly.

Keywords: education: reorganization, state order, joint research, project.

Quality, time-tested

I.N. Efimov, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor, Director of Chaykovskiy technology institute (branch) of the Kalashnikov Izhevsk state technical university; Perm krai, Chaykovskiy town,
e-mail: chti@chti.ru

The efficient functioning of the transport complex of the country is largely determined not only by its technical condition, but also the competence of maintenance personnel.
To solve these problems in Tchaikovsky technological Institute (branch) of mechanical engineering Department ISTU name M.L. Kalashnikov was opened the Department of Motor transport. Before the young Department immediately was given a specific goal: to prepare highly qualified specialists, based on close cooperation with industry leading companies in the country and the creation of modern scientific-methodical base.
This year the Department was 15 years old and it is already possible to sum up the first results.

Keywords: strategic partners, methodological support, research, practical contacts, quality indicators.

System Approach to Quality Education and Selection of Engineering Personnel in the Field of Instrumentation for the Enterprise

Yu.P. Demakov, CSc, Professor, Dean of the faculty of engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: pribor@istu.ru

O.V. Kosarev, Head of HR JSC «Izhevskiy radiozavod»; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

The article examines the cooperation between enterprise and university in solving the problem of education and selection of engineering personnel for the enterprise in frame of defense contracts and special contract education. The activities are analyzed and recommendations have been designed to improve the staffing situation in the modern multi-level education.

Keywords: cooperation «university­enterprise», education and selection of engineering personnel, staff training.

Personnel risks of the monotown

I.V. Pronina, PhD-in-economics, associate professor, Glazov engineering and economic institute (branch) of Kalashnikov ISTU, Udmurt Republic, Glazov,
e-mail: pronir@yandex.ru

O.N. Bekmemetiev, deputy director of development of providing infrastructure and public relations of JSC Chepetsk Mechanical Plant, Udmurt Republic, Glazov

The most appropriate and effective ways of preserving the viability of single-industry towns are modernization of enterprises, creation of new production facilities, development of small and medium enterprises.
But the implementation of these directions is impeded by lack of own financial resources, lack of credit and low investment attractiveness of small towns. One of the main factors contributing to the increase of investment attractiveness of small and medium towns - skilled workers. However, it is with human resources relates a number of problems of demographic and social nature that creates real threats and risks in the implementation of programs on stabilization of the socio-economic situation of single-industry towns. In particular, the situation with the natural decline in population and changes in its age structure (population ageing); migration of young and qualified professionals in major cities; structural unemployment; the asymmetry of the labour market in the part of the outflow of skilled workers from forming sphere in service sector.
In this article, the impact of these problems on the prospects of survival of monotowns considered by the example of the city of Glazov, Udmurt Republic. The authors propose to approach the problem from the perspective of the risk-management, namely the possibilities and consequences of the application of the three classic strategies of risk management: risk avoidance, risk limitation end dissipation, i.e. allocation of risk. The results of the analysis were the conclusions about the need to make joint efforts of the leadership of enterprises, the city administration and educational institutions for the preservation and promotion of local educational systems, designed to provide staff support programs survival and development of single-industry cities.

Keywords: the viability of single-industry towns, improving the investment attractiveness of single-industry towns, social and demographic problems of single-industry towns, the strategies of personnel risks management the single-industry towns.

Udmurt center of standardization, metrology and testing

Ya.N. Krymskiy, Director of Federal Budget Institution «Udmurt CSM»; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: ynk@csm.udmnet.ru

Improving the competitiveness and solving the problem of quality for goods and services become one of priority tasks for many enterprises of Udmurt Republic.
The paper describes the activity of Federal budget institution «Udmurt center of standardization, metrology and testing», history of its development and achievements.

Keywords: calibration, standardization, metrology, testing, cer­tification.


Defense of the national ecological interests is necessary base of the effective state management in the ecological sphere

L.V. Egorova, Doctor in policy, corresponding member of IAELPS, REA and RSS; Moscow,
e-mail: egorovalv08@mail.ru

The degree of the defense of the national ecological interests from the threats is depended on the level of ecological safety, which guarantee must be the principal goal of ecological policy, directed to the realization and defense of these interests. 

Keywords: ecological policy, ecological safety’s threats, ecological interests, ecologically balanced development.


Comparative express-tests of lubricants on thermal stability by a method of chair MT-13 «Technologies of processing of mate­rials» of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU)

A.V. Bodareva, the teacher of chair MT-13 «Technologies of processing of materials» of Bauman MSTU; Moscow,
e-mail: abodareva@bk.ru

E.L. Melnikov, doctor of technical sciences, professor of chair MT-13 «Technologies of processing of materials» of Bauman MSTUЖ; Moscow

In article classification of lubricants to purpose, to working conditions, characteristics of the rubbing couple and an aggregate state is considered. Three methods of express - tests of lubricants are given, results of research of wear resistance at addition to the zone of friction of various lubricants are presented. The maximum temperatures and sizes of wear of various lubricants are determined. Recommendations to duration choice of the express - tests depending on lubricant type are made. Conclusions on expediency of change of time and loading in tests of various lubricants are drawn.

Keywords: classification of lubricants, express-tests, oils, plastic lubricants, the lubricant cooling technological mixes (LCTM), thermal stability of oils, thermal stability of LCTM, thermal stability of plastic greasings.

Comparative express-tests of thermal stability and wear resistance of multifunction lubricant composition MSK «MEGOS»

A.V. Bodareva, the teacher of chair MT-13 «Technologies of processing of materials» of Bauman MSTU; Moscow,
e-mail: abodareva@bk.ru

In article questions of increase of energy saving in compressor stations and problems of their operation are considered. The technology of application of multipurpose lubricant composition MSK «Megos» (TU 0257-001-72633946-2012) as an additive to lubricant oils of compressor stations and the lubricant cooling technological mixes (LCTM) is considered. The comparative analysis of thermal stability of LCTM Shell, Lenox and Autocat-78 is carried out. Schemes of carrying out tests by car of friction of Ayshinger are considered. Recommendations about application of MSK «Megos» in compressor installations are made.

Keywords: thermal stability, decrease in wear, MSK «Megos», compressor stations, energy saving.


The concept of creation of comfortable electromagnetic conditions in rooms of buildings and constructions

G.V. Lomaev, Dr. Tech. Sc., Professor of Department of Methods and equipment of quality management of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: pmkk@istu.ru

Yu.G. Ryabov, PhD in engineering, senior research associate of JSC Zelenye tekhnologii; Moscow

M.S. Emelyanova, postgraduate in Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

Shows the concept of creating a comfortable electromagnetic environment in areas of buildings and structures. Shows examples of the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation on humans and biosystems plant and animal origin.

Keywords: electromagnetic fields and radiation, comfortable living environment, factors «good weather».

Technique of finding of defects of microstructures of elements of designs of contact devices on the basis of laser holography

V.E. Lyalin, Dr. Tech. Sc., Dr. of Economics, Dr. of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, honored inventor of the Russian Federation, Dean of the Faculty of Computer science and engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: iwt@istu.ru

A.V. Ulanov, PhD in engineering, chief constructor of Joint-Stock Company «Designer office of electroitems ХХI of century»; Udmurt Republic, Sarapul

The authors propose a numerical method for finding defects using holographic interferograms based on digital analysis of optical holograms design defects without them. A methodology to study the microstructures of structural elements of contact devices are designed to solve the problem of visualization microvibrations so important in the development of precision mechanical systems. Proposed a technique for removing noise is observed at the pixel level in the reconstructed interferogram and resulting from the use of digital data display techniques that bring certain errors.

Keywords: flaw detection, laser holography, interferogram, contact system.

Mathematical modeling of spatial structure of a construction as objective criterion of projects of reconstruction of the bases and structures constructed on the district with a difficult relief

V.E. Lyalin, Dr. Tech. Sc., Dr. of Economics, Dr. of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, honored inventor of the Russian Federation, Dean of the Faculty of Computer science and engineering of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: iwt@istu.ru

V.I. Danilov, the deputy chief engineer – the head of quality of FSUE «GUSST №8 at Spetsstroy of Russia»; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

The article examines the use of a mathematical model structures in the reconstruction of structures located on the built-up area with complex hydrogeological and territorial landscape condition. The verification of a mathematical model based on the construction of a natural experiment deformation and destruction of an existing structure to reflect changes in lithology soil conditions.

Keywords: foundation settlement, reconstruction of buildings, buildings deformation.

Specifics and difficulties of foreign made aircraft water & waste system operation in the environment of extremely low temperatures of Northern & Siberians regions and Yakutia

V.P. Gorbunov, director general of Dobrolet airlines; Moscow,
e-mail: vlad.gorbunov@bk.ru

The article describes problematic and specifics of aircraft Cold Weather operation at Siberia and Northern areas, highlighting the difficulties of water system functionality and reliability at very low temperatures in particular. 

Keywords: flight safety, reliability, operation environment, ambient temperatures.


Creative innovations and scientific basis in design methodology

V.F. Runge, candidate of art criticism, professor, hono­red worker of arts of the RF, vise-president of IA «SOD»; Moscow,
e-mail: design_2001@inbox.ru

In article the question of relationship of innovations and basic provisions of methodology of design in connection with a trend of satisfaction of a consumer demand of an industrial output is considered.

Keywords: industrial design, consumer demand, creativity, methodology, innovations, scientific basis

The motivation of the designer as a way to improve the quality of his work

V.V. Belik, m.n.s. NIITE MGTU MIREA; Moscow,
e-mail: vniite@vniite.ru

Employees, who can do their work quickly and efficiently, are very important for each company. It’s obvious that the lack of motivating factors reduces the productivity and quality of the work and also negatively affects on the employees’ psychological state. However, there are different ways to motivate each employee depends on working specific and individual features. For example, for creative employees, namely for designers, are suitable another kinds of motivation than for office workers. In this article considers the main ways, which can increase designers’ motivation at work.

Keywords: designer, motivation, motivation factors, motiva­tors, quality of life.

Avatar as office graphics in the multipage edition

A.V. Hamadeev, candidate of technical sciences, associate pro­fessor of design KIID; Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny,
e-mail: aktas05@mail.ru

Work is devoted to improving the efficiency of the use of service graphics in terms of increasing the duration of eye contact with the reader’s advertising modules on the pages and u-turns of the print media. This is achieved by using as service graphic animate cartoon characters called avatar.

Keywords: improving of the efficiency of the advertising in the media, service graphics, dividing function, excretory function, indicative function, avatar.

Work of trend bureau and specifics of forecasting of fashionable trends

A.S. Novikova, postgraduate in FGBOY VPO «MGUDT»; Moscow,
e-mail: asp.mgudt@yandex.ru

Fashion trends forecasting is in detail considered. The article shows how trends are being born and how they spread around the world. The main goal is to compare several exciting methods of forecasting that are used by famous trend bureau. The specificity of the Carlin International Groupe fashion trends forecasting is revealed. Famous trend bureau forecasting services are analysed in the article.

Keywords: forecasting, fashion, tendency, analysis.



Kalashnikov Mikhail Timopheevich

E.M. Kalashnikova, president of the Fund of a name of M.T. Kalashnikov; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: elena-kalashnikova@mail.ru

The glorified inventor of small weapon Mikhail Timopheevich Kalashnikov became a symbol of pride of Russia. Mikhail Timopheevich not only made and observed high demands to quality of the weapon made by him, but also the same measure estimated any household things.
In article the memories of daughter of M.T. Kalashnikov Elena Mikhailovna Kalashnikova are given.

Keywords: invention, weapon, designer-armorer, weapon history.

Of  M.T. Kalashnikov…

B.A. Yakimovich, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, rector of Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk,
e-mail: rector@istu.ru

O.V. Armatynskaya, Kalashnikov ISTU; Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk

For students and the staff of the Izhevsk state technical university of M. T. Kalashnikov it’s not simply nice name of the world famous person, but a name of the colleague and teacher with whom connect years of the general work and friendship.
In article, the history of close interrelation of activity of ISTU and Mikhail Timopheevich Kalashnikov is shown.

Keywords: history, weapon, scientific direction, student, weapon designer.

About Garkunov Dmitriye Nikolaevich

The short biography and the main scientific achievements of an outstanding scientific tribolog, the doctor of technical sciences, professor Dmitry Nikolaevich Garkunov is provided.

Keywords: biography, tribology, scientist, achievement.