"Quality and Life" № 2(2) 2014

Main theme: 
Technical Design and Safety

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State Policy in the Design Sphere: Problems and Solutions

V.I. Kulaikin

In article, the main problems of formation and realization of a state policy in the design sphere are considered. Interrelations of design, modernization of economy, improvement of quality of life of the population etc. reveal. Much attention is paid to synthesis of practical experience. The scientific-practical recommendations, submitted on increase of efficiency of a state policy in the sphere of design are provided.

Keywords: state policy, design, quality of life, modernization

Influence of Design on Quality of Life of the Poрulation: Conceptual Approach

G.M. Zarakovskiy , I.V. Penova

In article, influence of design on quality of life in modern conditions is considered, the content of essentially important concepts is specified, the flowchart of the analysis of influence of design on quality of life is offered

Keywords: design, quality of life, properties and functions of design, ergonomics,

Ecodesign in Russia: Problems of Development in the Context of Quality of Life

I.A. Sosunova

In article problems of development of new branch of design – ecodesign are considered, perspectives of application of ecodesign for resolution of conflicts between the natural and artificial subject-spatial environment for the purpose of improvement of quality of life of society are analyzed.

Keywords: ecodesign, society, nature, environment, social technology, quality of life

Yuriy Soloviev and VNIITE

V.P. Anisimov, Yu.Yu. Chaban

This article refers to the long-term cooperation of the All-Russian Research Institute of Industrial Design and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), a significant contribution to the development of international relations of the outstanding scientist, the patriarch of russian design Solovyov Yu.B., VNIITE founder, president of the ICSID since 1977 to 1979, as well as the most important events, conferences, forums in Russia’s sphere of design successfully carried out this year.

Keywords: industrial design, design engineering, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), innovation, social sphere, international scientific and technical cooperation, information, designer

International Cooperation of VNIITE and ICSID

E.V. Samarova

In article the description of the International council of societies of industrial design, its mission and the principles of work is given. The significant contribution to development of domestic design and the international relations of the founder of VNIITE Yu. B. Solovyov is shown. Such significant event of this year, as the V International scientific forum of designers is shined.

Keywords: industrial design, design-engineering, International Council of Societies of Industrial design (ICSID), innovation, social sphere, international scientific and technical cooperation, information support, designer

Problems of Training of Native Designers of a Wide Profile. Training and Education

A.A. Grashin

The article will be about problems of native design-education and about prospects of the reorganization which have ripened it and updating.

Keywords: design-education, innovations, personnel in design sphere, education, design culture

Neocorporativizm, Corporate Culture and Design

N.E. Mamonov

In this article problems of interrelations of neocorporativism, corporate culture and design are considered. The problem of compliance of the subject-spatial environment and ideas of neocorporativism is put.

Keywords: corporate culture, design, corporativizm, neocorporativizm, social and professional groups, creativity


Assessment of Quality of Ergonomic and Composite Solutions of Instrument Cases of REM

V.K. Fedorov, K.S. Guzhevkin

The main indicators of an assessment of instrument cases of REM and a tendency of improvement of their construction on the near-term outlook are considered.

Keywords: radio-electronic means (REM), form-building constructions, ergonomics, quality

Assessment of Ergonomic and Esthetic Qualities of Instrument Panels of Operators of Radio-Electronic Means (REM)

V.K. Fedorov, T.V. Dirvuk

The technique of an assessment of ergonomic and esthetic qualities is offered when developing design-programs of REM.

Keywords: radio-electronic means (REM), design-program, ergonomic design, rank correlation

Formation of an Image of the Car – Shift of Accents

N.K. Kudryashov

In article, the relative role of elements of an exterior of the car in formation of its figurative decision at different steps of evolution of this type of vehicles is considered.

Keywords: design, car, shaping, composition, image

Visual and Communicative Systems in a Context of Environmental Renovation of Moscow

M.A. Silkina

Problems of design of an urban environment comfortable, safe and informationavailable to all from the point of view of functional efficiency and an esthetics are considered.

Keywords: design of objects, mutually coordination, ergonomics, esthetics

Traditions and Innovations in the Subject Environment of the Dwelling

S.V. Mkrtchyan

In article the question of interrelation of traditions and innovations as result of life-supporting activity of the person is considered. Categories of innovations are given.

Keywords: tradition, innovation, need, preference, life-supporting process

Design of the Subject Environment as Component of Process of Socialization of the Person

I.A. Urmina

In article sociocultural aspects of design as process of design of the subject environment for the purpose of its adaptation to needs of the person are considered. Such approach allows to estimate a real picture of sociocultural dynamics of everyday life and needs of people for comparison to the past and possible future conditions of society and culture.

Keywords: design, subject environment, dynamics of culture, socialization, sociocultural dynamics, sociocultural situation, daily, way of life

The Word Comes Back to a Suit

V.F. Sidorenko, N.V. Pryanichnikova

In article sources and development tendencies are considered, systematization is given and the ratio between graphics and sense of such at the same time ancient and modern phenomenon, as typographics in clothes is established.

Keywords: typographics, cloth, fashion, symbol


Quality of Life and Electromagnetic Safety

N.A. Makhutov, V.M. Kalmikov, V.L. Balanovskiy, L.V. Balanovskiy

This article examines the problems of the organization managing the implementation of programs to develop systems for Electromagnetic Safety on transport infrastructure, the creation of systems to monitor the electromagnetic environment.

Keywords: complex safety, electromagnetic safety, danger, critical object, destructive influence

Monitoring of an Electromagnetic Situation – a Quality Basis of Life

V.L. Balanovskiy, L.V. Balanovskiy, D.L. Golovin, V.M. Kalmikov

In this article problems of the organization of systems of monitoring of an electromagnetic situation are considered.

Keywords: electromagnetic safety, monitoring of electromagnetic radiations, the superbroadband electromagnetic impulses, the automated systems of monitoring.

Tasks of Suppliers of Wood Plates and Plywood on Providing Requirements of TR СU 025/2012 "About Safety of Furniture Production"

V.A. Bardonov

The paper identifies challenges for suppliers of wood-governmental plates and plywood on compliance with the requirements of technical regulations TR TS 025/2012 about the safety of furniture. The analysis of the state of toxicity wood materials used in furniture production. Recommendations suppliers of semi-finished products for furniture making with regard to the requirements of technical regulations on the safety of furniture.

Keywords: wood boards, plywood, technical regulations, safety, furniture, formaldehyde, common security requirements.


Health of the Population and Quality of Health Care

T.A. Byrova, L.I. Koncha

In this article, health problems in modern Russia are considered, indicators of health of the population taking into account life expectancy are considered, the factors, which influences on health of various social and demographic groups are considered, the modern reference data, characterizing a state of health of the population of modern Russia, are given.

Keywords: health, population, quality of life, life expectancy, indicators of health, risk factor, recovery medicine.


Improvement of Management by the Organization on the Basis of Application of the Intagrated Technology of Management

O.A. Gorlenko, V.V. Miroshnikov

There is offered the integrated technology of management of the organization, which consists of four segments: «Universal quality», «Economical production», «Knowledge management» and «Project management». Structural schemes are submitted, the principles and models of components of technology are described.

Keywords: Quality management systems, economical production, knowledge, competence, project management.

Quality Management System of Test Laboratory According to Requirements of GOST ISO 17025 and Criteria of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

I.V. Bardonov

The Article is devoted to issues of technical regulation in the accredited testing laboratory in forest products. Given the experience of implementation of the criteria for accreditation of testing laboratories according to GOST ISO/IEC 17025 and the requirements of the Federal service «Reaccreditation» the Ministry of economic development of Russia. The recommendations on the structure and content of the quality management system of the testing laboratory on the basis of MS ISO 9001:2008. Contains rules on norms of GOST ISO/IEC 17025 for the Central factory laboratories of enterprises of timberindustrycomplex.

Keywords: technical regulation, accreditation criteria testing laboratory, Central laboratory, the quality managementsystem.


Quality Management System at Retraining Experts

B.V. Boytsov, V.L. Balanovskiy, A.N. Bodrov, L.V. Balanovskiy, V.M. Kalmikov

In this article problems of creation of quality management system are considered when retraining experts working in the field of safety.

Keywords: quality management system, retraining of experts, safety, electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety, electromagnetic terrorism.

Formation of System of Professional Education of Experts for the Solution of Problems of Safety

B.V. Boytsov, A.N. Bodrov, V.L. Balanovskiy, L.V. Balanovskiy

In this paper problems of safety and electromagnetic terrorism are considered. Researches of electromagnetic compatibility enable to emprove quality and reliability of the equipment, safety systems of aerospace complex objects, atomic industry, customs and frontier service.

Keywords: electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety; electromagnetic terrorism.