"Quality and Life" № 1(1) 2014

Main theme: 
Quality of Life is an Integral Feature of People's Lives

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Criteria of Understanding of Quality of Life

B.V. Boytsov, Yu.V. Kryanev

In article definition of the concept "quality of life" as integrated characteristic of people’s life is given. Its various aspects and structural structure are opened.

Keywords: quality of life, system, integrated characteristic

The Customs Union – Chance to Create the Working System of Technical Regulation

V.G. Versan

In article questions of quality and safety of goods, overall performance of the Russian system of technical regulation are considered. The main directions of works on creation of the new, really working system of technical regulation are given.

Keywords: technical regulation, standards, safety of goods

Standardization Methods in Solving of the Problems of Ensuring Quality of Innovative Development and Productions of Radio-Electronic Means (REM)

V.P. Marin, V.K. Fedorov, N.P. Esaylov

Development of new equipment and technologies of radio-electronic means demands more serious relation to quality management problems, including to standardization. In article the main objectives facing standardization are considered and the concept of a level of quality is given.

Keywords: standardization, certification, quality level.  


Problems of Philosophical Knowledge of Equipment at a Stage of Post-nonclassical Rationality

N.V. Popkova

In this article the provision of philosophy of equipment according to the replaced types of scientific rationality is considered. Technological character of a picture of the world of classical natural sciences and inevitable changes in understanding of equipment, which have to happen to science development is traced. The conclusion is drawn: Though the classical informative scheme «active subject - obedient technical object» is already overcome, completely sociocultural and evolutionary value of technical reality isn't realized yet.

Keywords: equipment philosophy, post-nonclassical picture of the world, theory of knowledge, classical natural sciences, social knowledge of equipment, concept of the artificial.


Training of Specialists and Heads of Successful Business in Pastukhov's Academy

N.N. Aniskina 

In article the approach to professional retraining and professional development of heads and experts in the field of quality and the integrated systems of management used by academy of the name of N.P. Pastukhov, is shown. The author's innovative and design technology developed in academy is presented, its advantages and a scope are characterized. Examples of the international cooperation in the field of professional development of engineering shots on the integrated systems of management are given.

Key words: quality management, concept of administrative training, innovative and design technology, training in activity, projects of developing and deploying of quality management system (QMS), harmonized programs of EOQ, qualification examinations, certification of staff, engineering shots, quality of additional professional education (APE). 

Main Tendencies of Forming of System of Development of Professional Qualifications

N.D. Mashukova

Problems, which developers of the professional standards (PS) face are considered, and the main approaches to formation of vocational structure and system of PS are offered.

Key words: economics, efficiency of work, competitiveness, vocational structure, professional standard.


Modern Approaches to Surgical Treatment of a Sharp Tromboemboliya of a Pulmonary Artery

A.P. Medvedev, S.V. Nemirova, O.R. Shirokova, S.A. Jurko, V.V. Pichugin, M.L. Kalinina, O.I. Demarin, R.Yu. Nagaev 

Tromboemboliya of a pulmonary artery (TEPA) - the most frequent acute cardiovascular disease after a myocardial infarction and a brain stroke. Modern opportunities of surgical treatment of a massive tromboemboliya of pulmonary arteries of high risk of early death in the conditions of a specialized hospital are shown in article.

Key words: tromboembolektomiya, stratification of patients, artificial blood circulation.


Metal-plating Lubricants

V.G. Babel’, D.N. Garkunov

In article the direction in creation of lubricants for cars and the mechanisms, based on effect of an unwearing with use in knots of friction of metal-plating lubricants is considered. The description of receiving, action and use of metal-plating lubricants is given.

Key words: modifying layer, exploitation, metal-plating, surface-active substances

Increase of Wear Resistance of Details and Tools of the Wood Processing Equipment

G.A. Pilyushina

Possibilities of increase of wear resistance of car's details, the equipment and the cutting tool on the basis of the integrated approaches including design-technology and operational actions taking into account features of wear of products in specific conditions of their work are considered. The review of results of theoretical and applied researches carried out for a number of years, is submitted.

Key words: wear resistance, wood processing equipment, cutting tool, wear, friction, functional surfaces, strengthening processing.

Features of Wear of the Iron-carbonaceous Alloys in the Conditions of Action of Active Environments

E.A. Pamfilov, S.V. Lukashov, S.V. Kuznetsov, Ya.S. Prozorov 

Article is devoted to research of operational conditions, mechanisms and regularities of course of process of wear of surfaces of details of wood and metal knots of friction. The difficult complex of the phenomena in a zone of frictional contact establishes a corrosion and mechanical type of wear as prevailing. It is thus claimed that the contribution of chemical factors often isn't less mechanical.

Key words: mechanochemical destruction, corrosion and mechanical wear, tribocorrosion, tribodestruction, wood and metal knot of friction, helats, metalloorganic connections, mineral components of wood.

Improvement of Quality of a Surface of Thin-walled Covers by Application of the Functional Water-soluble Coverings Containing Fractal Nanoclusters

G.I. Shulga 

In article such tendency of development of modern mechanical engineering in the field of processing of materials, as creation of functional (adaptive) water-soluble technological lubricant means is covered.

Key words: lubricant means, fractal cluster, technology, deformation. 


Consumption of Fuel and СО2 Emissions by Cars in the Russian Federation

A.P. Gusarov 

Roles of the state, automotive industry, the transport organizations and suppliers of fuel in decrease of CO2 emissions, which are directly connected with consumption of hydrocarbonic fuels are considered.

Key words: transport, emission, responsibility, fuel profitability.

Creation of New Shock-absorbers of Blow of Cars

B.G. Keglin 

Various aspects of introduction of new equipment on railway transport on the example of improvement of shock-absorbers of freight cars – absorbing devices of an automatic coupling are considered.

Key words: railway transport, self-financing, new production. 


The Concept of Rationing of Release of Formaldehyde and Other Harmful Flying Chemicals from Wood Plates, Plywood and Furniture

V.A. Bardonov 

In article the main essence and the data which have been cornerstone of the concept of rationing of allocation of formaldehyde and other harmful flying chemicals from wood plates are given, and also offers on implementation of this concept are given.

Key words: formaldehyde, rationing of allocation, safety.

Problems of Ecological Safety of Wood Plates and Furniture According to New to Requirements of Standards of the Customs Union

V.P. Strelkov, V.A. Bardonov

In article problems of techniques of quantitative definition of allocation of formaldehyde from plates are considered, the comparative analysis of standards for wood plates on the example of the Russian, West European and North American markets is provided, influence of these standards on the final cost of furniture is shown. Recommendations about technologies of receiving ecologically safe furniture are made.

Key words: standard, formaldehyde, technology of production.


Qualimetrical Forecasting by Production of Cottage Cheese Products

N.I. Dunchenko, V.S. Yankovskaya 

In article stages of qualimetrical forecasting which allow to develop production answering to expectations of consumers that minimizes works on correction of quality of a product after its emergence in the market are offered.

Key words: relative indicator of quality, forecasting, approbation