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Dear author!

We are glad to welcome You on the website of our magazine and hope that our cooperation with You will be long and fruitful.
Currently the magazine:
  • included in the list of HAC
  • peer-reviewed-see the section "about the journal" - > " about review"
  • registered in the Russian science citation index, and Ulrich's
  • published quarterly with registration of articles in DOI and CrossMark
You can view the range of the journal's specialties and the rubricator on the website in the section "about the journal".
Articles in the journal are published free of charge. The period of publication of articles is 1-1.5 years.
Subscribers of the journal and members of the Academy of quality problems also enjoy the pre-emptive right to publish.
Upon termination of publication, the publisher maintains the journal's website with access to the archive of articles for at least 5 years.
General rules for the design of articles:
The manuscript is submitted to the editor in printed form with illustrations, graphs, formulas on one side of A4 paper and in electronic form in MS Word format. (If you can't provide a printout, you can scan the printout "as an image" and send the file by email.) Dear authors, please do not neglect the requirement for printing (or for its scanned version), because when transferring Word files from one computer to another, the characters used in the text of the article sometimes disappear or are transformed. A scanned or printed copy allows you to restore the original text of the article.
  • All fields are 20 mm long.
  • Font of the main text Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Line spacing one and a half
  • Indent of the first line of the paragraph 1.25 cm
  • The figures in the text
  • Links to the formula (1)
  • References [1]
  • The manuscript should include:
    • in Russian:
      • text of the article with illustrations;
      • contact information (last name, first name, patronymic, place of work, position, postal and email addresses, phone number);
      • information about financial support for the study, if any
    • In Russian and English:
      • the title of the article;
      • surnames and initials of authors, their academic degrees, titles, places of work and city marked by the corresponding author and his e-mail;
      • summary of no more than 15 lines;
      • keywords;
      • list of references and sources, issued in accordance with GOST R 7.05-2008 for the Russian version. The list of references should contain bibliographic information about all publications mentioned in the article, and should not contain references to works that are not referenced in the text.
    • Graphic material: drawings, photos, etc. must be provided in two forms-inserted in the text of the article and in separate files of TIFF, EPS, JPG formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Along with the article, it is advisable to send a certified review and photos of the authors for placement in the article.
Authors are sent one copy of the journal free of charge to the specified contact email address.
Email address for sending the manuscript: ql-mail@mail.ru.
Offer agreement with the authors
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