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Standardization as a Tool of Achieving Sustainable Development of Organizations of Social Services

N.L. Solovieva, head of the department of education quality at the Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» named after D.F. Ustinova; St. Petersburg
I.V. Chudinovskikh, chief specialist of the Center for regional problems of quality economics of Institute of problems of regional economics of Russian academy of sciences; St. Petersburg
The article discusses the management of sustainable development of organizations using standardization as one of the tools of the quality economy. Particular attention is paid to the existing practice of Russian and international companies building strategic goals and objectives in accordance with the UN SDGs. The connection between standardization and sustainable development of the organization, in particular organizations of the social services sector, is shown.
Keywords: sustainable development, standardization, organization of social services.
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DOI: 10.34214/2312-5209-2020-25-1-35-41

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