Journal "Quality and life"

  • ISSN 2312-5209
  • Registered in RSCI
  • Included in Ulrich's
  • Circulation 1500

The journal is founded by The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation jointly the Interregional public organization "Academy of quality problems", setting before the purpose to consolidate scientific, engineering and production capacities of the country to the direction of the solution of actual problems of quality of life as a purpose of development of the Russian society.

The task, set for the journal , is not only to give opportunity to authors to exchange results of the theoretical researches or conclusions of experimental and practical activities, but also to give the chance to readers on pages of the journal to carry on constructive dialogue with professionals which activity is aimed at improvement of quality.

The rubricator of the journal calculated on subject of materials in a wide range of problems, such as philosophical knowledge of quality, an innovation and quality in education, medicine, in various spheres of economy, production, equipment and technologies, culture and journalism in the field of quality.

Followers of the journal – scientists, heads and experts from:

  • State Government
  • Centers of standardization and metrology
  • Offices of Academy of quality problems
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Research institutes
  • Enterprises and organizations.

The journal also extends on large libraries of regions of Russia.

Articles are published on a grant basis in the journal.

In 2011 and in February 2014 the journal left in the form of the collection of scientific works of Academy. It is possible to study contents of the last collection on the site of Academy The left collections extend across all Russia and are in demand for experts.